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We are a team of people with one common passion: Greece and the Greek islands.
In 2006, we decided to create www.greece-trip.info and www.greece-trip.gr , an online catalog of accomondation in Greece and the Greek islands in order to share this passion with the world.
After years of work, we managed to cooperate with many owners in Greece and the Greek islands.
Today, Greece trip is considered one of the top web resources in order to organize a trip to Greece and the Greek islands.
More than 1 million people visit our website every year and thousands of people use our travel services.


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Our mission is to promote the beauty of Greece around the world and to help people choose their dream destination in our sunny country. We offer information and photos for more than 30 locations in Greece and the Greek islands.
Our goal is to create the most complete website about Greece and the Greek Islands. In fact, a huge effort is made on a daily basis in order to offer the most accurate information and to make your travel in Greece the experience of a lifetime.

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Zakythos - Ionian Islands
The most southerly of the Ionian Islands has a varied landscape, the west is characterised by striking mountain scenery and is largely uninhabited and the east is packed with fertile plains, picturesque bays and long sandy beaches.
Santorini by night
Santorini - Cyclades
Holidays in Santorini is the dream of a lifetime for many people. As this is the top tourist destination in Greece, the island is famous for the impressive caldera, the volcano and the romantic sunset.
Porto Katsiki
Lefkada - Ionian Islands
Lefcas, or Lefkada as the Greeks call it, is a very popular summer resort, where there is something for everyone.

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